vertical village diagram_b

VERTICAL VILLAGE endeavours to explore and redefine apartment style living by proposing an answer to the question of how the barrier to the sense of community, which appears to exist in apartment living, can be overcome?  Site analyses of apartment style living have demonstrated a loss in the sense of community and togetherness that one may experience from suburban residency. A fundamental example of this is the garden and yard, which is a significant characteristic of suburbia that is commonly absent in an apartment setting. Therefore, by re-introducing and re-contextualising the garden, this project will induce and strengthen the sense of togetherness and harmony to those living an apartment life for bringing them the very characteristics of suburban living right to their feet.



website homepage

THE WEBSITE is an online medium that allows residents to communicate together without having to be physically intrusive. It is not only

a means for residents to stay updated with news and announcements regarding the apartment complex, but also an engaging and entertaining interface for residents to be in converse. A creative use of this medium would include having residents vote on food suggestions that would be cooked in the Community Kitchen with recipes of meals uploaded on the website and having people post comments and actively provide their own suggestions.

((For example; every month, each group is allowed to vote on what type of food they would want to be cooking during the weeks to come. ))

kitchen render01_B

community kitchen

THE COMMUNITY KITCHEN aims to influence neighbours to become more active in the development of the Vertical Village community and to maintain a more meaningful connection with other fellow residents. By having residents grow their assigned herb on their private balconies, contributions to the weekly ingredients used during meal preparation can be made by those living in Vertical Village. Hopefully, through the learning and appreciation of food, together with combined effort, a longer and deeper relationship may be formed between the residents and a meaningful community established.

lobby render 01 copy_b


THE LOBBY provides the setting for the natural and clean atmosphere we want to introduce. Here, the theme of garden nature is exhibited by the shadows of the wooden trees, where such an installation will become a subtle integration of the natural environment into the man-made establishment.

balcony render 02_b

green balcony

THE APARTMENT provides for an essential need in a home: the ability to grow your own plants and establish your own, natural domain.



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